Thermometers & Hydrometers

We supply a wide range of thermometers and hydrometers for use with Petroleum products and bulk liquids.



Spirit filled general purpose thermometer

Range - 10ºc to 110ºc, in divisions of 1ºc

Supplied in Boxes of 10 from £4.50 each


Stainless Steel Thermometer Holder 

Supplied with or without cupcase.

£24.90 Each or £34.90 with Cupcase

Brass Thermometer Holders

Brass Thermometer Holders from £15.85 each.

Wooden Thermometer Holders

Wooden Thermometer Holders from £45.75 each.


Hydrometers - Various applications available:
Specific Gravity\Density - £16.95


hydrometer Jars

Hydrometer Jars to suit all available applications - P.O.A.


All quoted prices are subject to VAT @ 20%
Carriage is charged extra, at cost, on total order.
Credit Terms: Net Monthly to Approved Accounts.