Bottles & Cans

We supply a range of bottles and cans for use with the sampling of Petroleum products and bulk liquids.



Glass Sample Bottle

16oz clear glass with foiled screw cap. Supplied in packs of 54.

£47.90 per pack


winchester clear or amber glass bottle

Winchester  'clear or amber' glass with Black Polycone Caps supplied in 500ml.

500ml clear Winchester glass bottles (Pack of 24) @ 31.25 per pack

500ml Amber Winchester glass bottles Pack of 24) @ £32.50 per pack

Also available in 250ml and 1 litre sizes.


Handy sample carriers

Plastic coated wire frame with two compartments which can be used for carrying samples
and sampling equipment.

£41.80 Each.


sample tins

Sample tins are available in 3 sizes and have white exterior with plain interior and are supplied complete with screw caps and inserts.

1 Litre @ £36.95 per pack of 24
2.5 Litre @ £51.65 per pack of 20
and 5 Litre @ £54.90 per pack of 20


stainless Steel bucket

Quality stainless steel bucket with 12 litre capacity.




All quoted prices are subject to VAT @ 20%
Carriage is charged extra, at cost, on total order.
Credit Terms: Net Monthly to Approved Accounts.